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Student Films
York University - Keele Campus

Map of York University, Keele Campus

For a link to an Internet map system, which will enable you to check roads in the surrounding area, so that you can plan your journey to the university. CLICK HERE. Use the "Back" button to return to this site.

The particular location we checked out was the Keele Campus. This is at the corner of Keele Street and Steeles Avenue West. The Centre for Film and Theatre building is No. 28 on the campus map. As the campus is so large, you might find it advisable to park as close to this building as possible.

Drive south on Keele from Steeles and turn right onto The Pond Road and park on "Pond Road Lot 8". Walk up Atkinson Road to "Fine Arts Road" and Building 28 is across the road. The Media offices are upstairs and the system is the your picture and resume on a board!

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