Location Shoots away from Toronto

In the past couple of years Hamilton has been the scene of an increasing number of movie shoots and most recently "Against the Ropes". According to the IPA the "Preference of engagement" should have fallen in favour of Hamilton Apprentices and full members. Here is an extract from the IPA.

C305: Location Shoots:

The terms and conditions of this Agreement shall not apply to the engagement of Background Performers who are not members of ACTRA for production locations eighty (80) kilometers or more from the nearest ACTRA office (120 km in the case of Toronto). ACTRA members who reside within the vicinity of the location of shoot shall receive preference of engagement from the Producer.

Recently the Meg Ryan movie "Against the Ropes" was filmed in Hamilton, Ontario, but preference of engagement was not given to local members (full or Apprentice) and in fact performers were bussed in or drove to Hamilton from the Toronto area. Between 4-500 extras were used, but locally based Apprentices or full members were not booked for all 25 spots for the shoot.

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