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May 2002

Student Movies:One way for Apprentice Actra members to gain credits is through participation in Student Movies. There are various Universities and Colleges in Ontario where students, as part of their media course, script, produce and direct their own movies. Any information we received is posted on the Audition page.

Prior to May 2002 an Apprentice might work on 4 or 5 movies and achieve full Actra membership through this participation. Note that we do not say "6" credits, because your first Actra credit cannot be from a student movie.

In May 2002, the membership rules changed, and it is now no longer possible to accrue as many credits from student movies as in the past. The new rules state that "no more than one-third of your credits can come from student movie participation".

In October 2005, the membership rules changed yet again, making life even more difficult for the Apprentices. The new rules state that only one credit can come from student movie participation.

On the shoot of Niagara College Student movie 'AWOKEN'  directed by James Rasile If the credits required for full Actra membership are 6 (or 3 for Visible Minorities), then you can get just one from student movies.

This does not mean that you cannot participate in more than one movie....just that you will get credits for only 1. Some Apprentices have felt this is a denial of the right to work. It is not. You can participate in as many student movies as you like, but only the one will count towards your credits, and THAT movie MUST be registered with Actra first!

In the Toronto area there are a number of colleges and universities that are worth contacting, but whether or not you get asked to audition is very much a hit and miss affair!

Each of the links mentioned below will take you to a fresh page with some helpful instructions and a map showing you where to go. The maps illustrate the immediate area but they are clickable. The link will take you to the Mapquest web site where you will see the same image as on our web site. The difference is that on the Mapquest page you will be able to zoom in and out, go North, East South and West so that you can see where the locations are in respect of the area from which you might be travelling.

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