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Actra Apprentice Movie Shoots

It is extremely useful to know what movie shoots are current or scheduled for the future. Rather than duplicate information that is already out there, we suggest you click here for Actra list or here for the Ontario Media Development Corporation list

'Charms of an Easy Life' outdoor studio set It is important that you are aware of what is or is not being shot in the Toronto area. If there are few productions, then one might expect a drop in work, but if there are a few dozen shoots in progress ( check the dates to see if they are current ) and you are STILL not working, then check with your agent.

When working on a set remember to be professional at all times. As an Actra Apprentice you should set an example to newer background extras. Common sense? Maybe, but next time you are on set, see just how many other Apprentices, full members and background cash fail to keep quiet when the AD requests silence! Teach by example.

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