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Actra Apprentice Objectives

May 2002: In 2001 a small group of concerned Apprentice Actra members met to discuss a number of issues that they felt were affecting work opportunities for apprentices.

Anomalies were found in the Independent Production Agreement (IPA) book and various brochures and paperwork issued by Actra. In the post September 11th period, when the number of movies being filmed in the Toronto area plummeted, full actra members were less willing to share the first 25 background spots.

Full members have been invoking the "Preference of Engagement" clause (A 501 and A 701) with the result that most Apprentice members are finding there is less in the way of work opportunities for them right now.

On January 21st 2002 an official "Actra Apprentice Caucus" was formed under the auspices of Actra Toronto Performers. There were about 100 Apprentice members in attendance and the purpose of the meeting was to elect officers to act as committee members. The following positions were elected: Chair is Paul Whitaker , Vice Chair is John Henley and Secretary is John Ford .

With the caucus having been made "official" it enables us to have a "voice" at Actra Board meetings, at which we can outline the difficulties that currently face Apprentices, and offer solutions for discussion.....all of which brings us to our objectives.

Always to act in the interests of fellow Apprentice members

To work with Actra Toronto Performers in a professional and co-operative manner

To listen to the concerns of fellow Apprentice members and to try to help them in any way we can

To try to improve the working opportunities and conditions for Apprentice members

Always to remember that we are part of Actra and, as such, our mandate is to work with Actra Toronto, not against it.

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