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Student Films - Niagara College

Map of Niagara College,Welland Campus

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The contact person at the Welland Campus is Mr.Andrew Stevenson, Broadcasting Department, Niagara College, 300 Woodlawn Road, Welland, Ontario L3C 7L3. Mail your photo and resume to Mr.Stevenson. Having been involved in a student movie with this college I can let you know what the process was.

I was contacted (having already submitted my photo and resume) to be advised that there would be auditions in Toronto and also at the Welland campus.

I chose to drive to Welland on a Sunday rather than face the drive to Toronto and pay for the parking. After signing in I was asked to look at four sections of scripts pinned to a board and select a character that I felt suited me. Having done that, I was given a script, moved to a quiet area and allowed to go over the section that my character would deliver.

Niagara College movie students I was warned that although I was reading one part, I may well be asked to read others. I was called into a room with a small platform at the front and about 20 students involved in the selection process were in attendance. I slated to a video camera and then read my part as a businessman delivering an address to a board meeting.

I was asked to try delivery in another manner, which I did. Then I was handed a script for another part which was a Jehovah's Witness having a bad day, whose last call of the day was at the home of a lady who drove him mad. This was a totally different character from the previous one so there was plenty of room to go over the top!

It is always fun to be allowed to be creative, which happened when asked to read yet another part where a husband, having just learned that his wife was leaving him for another man, has to explain the situation to his son, whilst trying to keep his cool....which of course, he doesn't! That was a fun read too and allowed for a character of yet another dimension, plus a cockney accent. Lots of laughter and a good read!

The audition over I left the college, but received a call a couple of weeks later offering me a part in one of the movies. It would appear that they liked what I had done, so actually wrote a small part for me. Scripts are flexible, and additions to my part were made prior to the second day of shooting.

There were two days of location shooting: one interior and one nighttime exterior. Did I enjoy myself? Definitely. Were the students professional in their approach. Yes they were. Would I participate in a student movie again? Absolutely!

John Henley, Vice Chair Actra Apprentice Caucus

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