Revised Apprenticeship Programme

One of the most complex issues relates to a true Apprenticeship programme. There is a faction who would like to see a programme more in keeping with a Guild course. This would mean learning all about the craft, working with a mentor, and developing skills that would enhance our abilities as an actor.

A course like this would make us more professional and certainly more competent as actors. The course might run for a set period with credits being granted as each stage is completed successfully. The positive side is that full membership would be achievable within a specific period if all facets of the course were completed.

Then there are those who want things to remain the way they are now on the basis that if we get sufficient work, then the credits will come through upgrades, student films, a couple of S.O.C.s and the Actraworks course.

We suggested to Actra that if ALL Apprentices had to take a course, the influx of dollars into the Actra coffers would be substantial to say the least. We were informed that Actra does not run courses. These are handled by outside agencies like Actraworks.

PROGRESS REPORT posted July 17th 2003

The following note is from ACTRA .

"We have established a Membership Criteria Task Force in order to review the entire Membership structure of ACTRA.

Our mandate is simply to produce a study paper for discussion only at the National level in the new year.

In order to facilitate a change in Membership the recommendations must be debated within the National Council; discussion must then take place at the Branch level across the country, then redebated at the National Council, and finally voted upon by ACTRA Members in a national referendum.

These are suggestions, we welcome yours."

Note that this is a Discussion Document" only and has to be approved and obtain the input of the Toronto Councisl, ACTRA National, the various ACTRA branches and ultimately a referendum of the members before the final revamped membership system comes into play.

THE IPA & Background numbers

One of the items for which we fought at the IPA negotiations was an increase in the number of background from 25 to 30. This we have achieved for big movies. For TV series and MOWs the producer can opt either for 25 background and pay additional vouchers if more than one epsiode of a series is shot in a day (block shooting), or can go for 30 background and not pay the additional vouchers if more than one episode is shot in the day.

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