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Employer: Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning: Advanced Television and Film

Nature of Project: 10 minute Short film

Status of Project: Union/non-union combo based on Sheridan Institute/ACTRA prior arrangements.

Producer: Gideon Gwaza: Email headshots and resumes gwaza@sheridanc.on.ca

Contact Information: Send headshots and resumes to: Email: gwaza@sheridanc.on.ca: Tel: +1-289-828-3170

Director: Ana Starova: Email: starova@sheridancollege.caTel: +1-905-580-1782

Writer: Zachary Smith: Email: smithzac@sheridancollege.ca: Tel: +1-905-407-0167

Casting Dates: TBA

Casting Location: TBD

Shoot Dates: April 17th / 18th / 19th 2015

Rates & Union: *ACTRA STUDENT MOVIE AGREEMENT (no fee but union and non-union performers are eligible). Non-union actors are eligible but may not obtain an ACTRA credit for their participation in a student production.

LOGLINE: A lone farmer (Sir) struggles to protect his young apprentice (Boy) and the well-established emotionless way of life they share when a woman from another planet (Cora) crash-lands on their isolated farm.

. Character Breakdowns

BOY: male (Lead); Screen Age: 8-14 Caucasian: Discerning and curious, Respectful and well-conducted, a dreamer/visionary, willing to learn, hungry for knowledge. Has attachment to Sir but resists showing it because of Sir's character; develops interest and fascination with Cora and her way of life .

A note from the producer. "This is going to be a great opportunity for any talented kid to get an intensive on-camera experience, work with an average size professional crew and star opposite adult ACTRA members."