" Videre "


Type: 8-Minute Short Drama

Director: Davin Dmitruk-Cook

Producer: Ali Goldthorpe

Auditions: Sunday, March 9th 10:30-2:45 & Thursday, March 12th 6:30-9:45

Audition Location: Sunday: The Box Toronto 89 Niagara St, Toronto, ON M5V 1C3: Thursday: Trinity-St. Paul's Church, 427 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Shooting Location: Greater Toronto Area

Script Availability: March 13, 2015

Contact Info: Ali Goldthorpe: Email: videreproduction@gmail.com

Shooting Starts: March 20, 2015

Shooting Finishes: March 23, 2015

Rates & Union: *ACTRA STUDENT MOVIE AGREEMENT (no fee but union and non-union performers are eligible). Non-union actors are eligible but may not obtain an ACTRA credit for their participation in a student production.

LOGLINE: An optometrist with an inordinate obsession with eyes finds himself at the mercy of his own desires when he meets a blind woman whose strange circumstances could solve a mystery that has eluded him for years.


The story centers on Aldo Alteri, a seemingly plain, quiet, unencumbered middle-aged man who leads an entirely secret life of perversions at home. Aldo is obsessed with the human eye; he believes that there are things around us at all times that we can't see due to the structural hindrances of the eye. Things that interconnect the universe, strings of energy that bind us together. When a girl, who has gone blind from a chemical accident, comes into his office he realizes that her eyes can hold the key to sight beyond the three dimensions. As Aldo becomes more scientifically and sexually entranced with her, he is faced with a strange and unimaginable dilemma- he needs her eyes, unattached, to study them in what could be the conclusion to all his years of research but at the same time he does not wish to harm her, as she's the only human connection he's made in decades.


ALDO: Male, 35-45, unusual appearance. A man of science, Aldo is an optometrist who is fueled by his obsession with eyes, devoting his life to the study of eyes because he believes they contain the key to sight beyond the visible world. He is an introverted recluse who does not share his life with anyone, yet who secretly yearns for the chance to be with a female.

CELESTE: Female, 25-35. A woman who has recently become blind, Celeste has started seeing a world beyond the realm of human sight. A world she does not understand. She seeks the help of an optometrist for an explanation of what's happening to her and finds that he not only believes her, but thinks she is the scientific anomaly that can change the world. As their interactions become friendlier, Celeste's life may be threatened by the doctor she trusted.

Must be comfortable wearing coloured contacts (high quality ones will be provided). Must also be comfortable undergoing an eye scan by a fundus camera by an optometrist. This is a standard routine to check the eye.

RECEPTIONIST: Female, 25-35. She works as a receptionist in the office of an optometrist who is a doctor by day, but lives a life of scientific perversions at home. She is lively and curious, yet treads carefully around the reclusive doctor.

PATIENT: Male, 30-50. A patient at an optometrist's office for a vision test.