"Death of the Author"


Type: 8-Minute Short Drama

Director: Mike Richard

Producer: Devan McHarg

Auditions: March 12 & March 15 2015

Audition Location: Trinity-St. Paulís Church, 427 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Shooting Location: Greater Toronto Area

Script Availability: March 9, 2015

Contact Info: Devan McHarg

Email: deathoftheauthor.sheridan@gmail.com

Shooting Starts: March 27, 2015

Shooting Finishes: March 30, 2015

Rates & Union: *ACTRA STUDENT MOVIE AGREEMENT (no fee but union and nonunion performers are eligible). Non-union actors are eligible but may not obtain an ACTRA credit for their participation in a student production.

LOGLINE: A frustrated literary critic decides to murder the author of the latest bestseller.


Fed up with current state of popular fiction, literary critic ERVING DEBOER targets HOWARD VAUGHN, author of the latest "unworthy" bestseller. Another scathing review of Vaughnís novel ignored, DeBoer resorts to kidnapping the author outside a book signing. DeBoer tortures Vaughn - critiquing his novel while he threatens his life -and in doing so, finds himself entangled in the type of formulaic, pulp-plotting that makes Vaughnís novel so detestable.


PRINCIPAL - ERVING DEBOER - Male, 40-60. A pretentious, unhinged literary critic who imagines himself the arbiter of good taste. Believes that popular modern literature is sophomoric, pulp-driven garbage, and sees Vaughn as the chief offender. Tired of seeing his critical pans go ignored, DeBoer sees kidnapping and murder as a natural, perfectly justifiable course of action. Underneath it all: a phony, and terribly afraid that he is the one without any talent.

PRINCIPAL - HOWARD VAUGHN - Male, 35-50. Handsome, successful, and not without his charms, Vaughn is a rockstar author, a Dan Brown/Brad Pitt-hybrid who simply cannot imagine why anyone might resent his success. Brave and resourceful, even facing death, Vaughn can never totally win our sympathy: his Ivy League sheen is too strong, his confidence too overbearing.

ACTOR - BOOK GROUPIE - Female, 40-55. Attractive, middle-aged; a - cougar on the prowl. Interested in Vaughnís novel, and especially in Vaughn himself.

ACTOR - POLICE OFFICER - 30-50. Tough, athletic, no-nonsense police officer. Commanding physical presence.