" Time Broker "

Employer: Sheridan College

Union: ACTRA

Type: Short Film

Location: Niagara

Duration: 3 days, starts Feb 6th - Feb 9th 2015

AUDITIONS: Sheridan College, 1430 Trafalgar Road, Oakville, ON L6H 2L1 on Tuesday the 3rd of February 2015 from 17:00pm to 20:00 pm in room D102

*** ADDITIONAL AUDITIONS: *** Thursday 5th FEB 2015 from 10 am to 11 am in Toronto at 1 Dundas Street West, Suite 2500, Toronto, ON, M5G 1Z3 Apply to: Kimberly: Email ( kimberlyalvaro@gmail.com )

Payment is on an unpaid basis.

Director: Andrew.


In the year 2256, Canada is drenched in war and poverty. A scientist by the name of FELIX CARLSSIN invents a time machine to travel to the past and play the stock market. He calls upon his estranged brother, DREW CARLSSIN, an out-of-work stockbroker, to provide him with information on the past market and accompany him to 2003. Felix plans on using the money to rebuild the future and save humanity; but Drew has a plan of his own.


FELIX CARLSSIN: Male / 25-30 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. FELIX CARLSSIN, a scientist whose brilliant mind has made him a necessity for the survival of mankind. Felix’s niche was designing weapons until he witnessed them destroy the city of Toronto. He suffered harsh injuries in the war and was presumed to be dead. He escaped to his home in the country and rebuilt himself as half machine. Felix wants nothing more than to restore peace to what he destroyed.

DREW CARLSSIN: Male / 31-40 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. DREW CARLSSIN, a stockbroker whose lust for money has led him from his country home to the big city. After the war, the stock market crashed leaving Drew bitter and out of work. He fought bravely, but suffered the loss of every member in his family. The aftermath led to his depression and attempted suicide until he learned of the survival of his brother. Drew craves the end of the war, but not peace.

BANK TELLER: Male / 51-60 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. BANK TELLER, an elderly male with white hair and glasses. He is a gentleman with a fine posture, and a love for the organized. He regards his bank as highly as himself and never risks anything.

POLICE OFFICER: Any Gender / Any age / Any Ethnicity. POLICE OFFICER, a tall, well built human with an intimidating expression and a deep voice.