Employer: York University

Union: ACTRA

Type: Short Film

Location: GTA

Duration: 4 days, starts December 5th 2014

Apply to: Guillermo de la Rosa. Email ( guille_d91@hotmail.com )

AUDITION DATES: November 27th and 28th 2014

Payment is on an unpaid basis.

Director: Guillermo de la Rosa.


A fortune teller changes the lives of two Venezuelan brothers who struggle to balance and accept each other’s way to stay in contact with their culture.


ALESIA: Female / 50 - 70 yrs. / Hispanic. Fluency in spanish is required for this role. An old fortune teller who is witty, profound, vulgar, cigar smoking and unforgettable, Alesia is also the main catalyst in the story. She has piercing eyes and an imposing presence.

SEBASTIÁN: male / 45-60 yrs. / Hispanic. Fluency in spanish is preferred but not required. Sebastián is the employee of a man who could potentially hire José, and has been instructed by his boss to give a ride to the two brothers to a party he's hosting. Unpredictable, nervous and explosive, Sebastián is also a Latino whose personality has been warped by the difficult and dramatically different lifestyle in Toronto.