" Injection "

Employer: Nanomyte Productions

Union: ACTRA

Type: Voice-Over for animated Graphic Novel project

Location: Toronto

Duration: 2-4 days, starts Nov 22

Apply to: Roya Edalatmand. Email ( roya.edalatmand@hotmail.com )

AUDITIONS: Auditions are this Friday, November 14th and is on a drop in basis from 11:00 am - 7:00 pm to perform a cold read at "The Centre For Social Innovation" located at 720 Bathurst St Toronto, ON, M5S 2R4 in meeting room # 5 (Ground Floor).

Payment is on an unpaid basis.

Director: Mike Schroeder.


Injection is an upcoming motion graphic novel about Jin, a super human agent, who is sent to the desert to hunt down the 'defector' of his organization and finish him due to his betrayal.

JINN: Male / Any age / Any Ethnicity. Jinn (24) the protagonist of the animation, is a loyal and compassionate superhuman who was sent on a mission to track down the Defector and put a stop to his plans on rebelling against the Syntech organization. Jinn has been experimentally modified to be able to take injections in order to release different powers.

DEFECTOR: Male / Any age / Any Ethnicity. Defector (60) a wise man who has seen it all. The Defector (Viktor), not agreeing with Syntech's ways and the divergence of rich and poor decides to escape and hides out in sector 17 where he starts an uprising in the Middle East.

OSMAN: Male / Any age / Any Ethnicity. Osman (50) is the Sultan of sector 17, living in a palace where he lives a rich and powerful lifestyle, while the citizens outside of his walls suffer in poverty.

SALIM: Male / Any age / Any Ethnicity. Salim (38) is a snake like man with unknown intentions and a belief that people should not be treated as equals. He is the Sultan's first hand advisor.

THE SPEAKER: Male / Any age / Any Ethnicity. The Speaker is a strong authoritative voice that encourages the uprising by telling people to stand up and fight for their rights.

THE GUARDS: Male / Any age / Any Ethnicity. The Guards stand watch at sector 17, following their duty to keep intruders out and its citizens in.