" Netflix and Afterbite" Commercials

Employer: Humber College

Union: ACTRA

Type: Commercial

Location: Toronto

Duration: 3 days, starts October 31st 2014

Apply to: Natasha Latinovic. Email ( n.latinovic.casting@gmail.com )

Payment is on an unpaid basis.

Directors: Eric Mckenzie/ Carey Daiter.

(1) Synopsis for the Netflix commercial storyline;

Glados and Henry think they know what they'd like to watch on Netflix. Until they find something new and different, leading to them 'cheating' on their favorites.

(2) Synopsis for the Afterbite commercial storyline;

Cindy sits on her sofa looking hysterical. She breaks down trying to recall what happened last summer. She informs us that her and her family went on a camping trip and things went terribly awry. No one has ever talked about it... until now. She explains that they were attacked... by mosquitoes. Tommy, her son, got the worst of it. But thanks to Afterbite, it all worked out in the end.

There will be two 30 second spots for each of these commercials. for Netflix there won't be any lines for either of the characters. For Afterbite only Cindy speaks; Henry and Tommy won't have any lines as well.


GLADOS. Female / 61+ yrs. / Any Ethnicity. Glados is a sweet, caring, wholesome grandmother type. She wears glasses and a shawl. She might be old but she is spritely. She wants to watch a classic wholesome movie, but ends up finding something a little spicier.

HENRY. Male / 61+ yrs. / Any Ethnicity. Henry is a tough elderly man, reserved. He wears military style clothing. Wants to watch something manly, ends up finding his inner soft side.

CINDY. Female / 31-40 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. Cindy is a replica example of the suburban mom. She lives in a 3 bedroom house with her loving husband and beautiful bright living room wallpaper. Unfortunately, she shares a terrible sickness from which most moms have suffered : over protectiveness. Fortunately, side effects include fun loving, peppiness and occasional quirkiness. Her life was pretty perfect... until she went camping.

GEORGE. Male / 31-40 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. George. He loves his job (being a mailman is not easy, you know) and loves that charming little dog that chases him up and down the street every morning (good exercise!) His boss actually gave him a raise because of one little trait he seems to not shy away from: positivity. George loves his wife and absolutely adores mother nature... but for how long?

LI'L TOMMY. Male / 6-10 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. Lilí Tommy will try anything. Heís cute, adorable, and kind of a dork. No matter where Tommy is he just likes to have fun, and never gets into any fights with his overly loving parents. Too bad camping didnít turn out so well...