" Riley "

Production: " Riley " (Short Film)

Location: GTA, Oakville

Employer: Sheridan Productions

Duration: 4 days, starts October 24th 2014

Director: Blake Hutchinson


Riley is released from the hospital into the care of her father, Brian, after suffering a severe concussion. Riley finds her memories of home do not match the warm welcome she receives, but is guided by her father to believe those memories are nothing but products of trauma. Riley grows more suspicious of her father, realizing his version of ‘the incident’ was a lie. Confiding in her doctor, Riley shortly encounters social workers at her door. Riley overhears her father’s regretful rationale before her questioning begins, making her decision to tell the truth difficult.

Shooting dates: 4 days of shooting in GTA, Oakville (To be announced), and Ontario. October, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th 2014 (Thursday,Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Possible ADR session in post.

Pay: There is no pay.

Auditions: To be announced

Apply to: Phil Packham, Casting Supervisor ( riley_sheridanproductions@outlook.com ) Please submit headshot and resume.

9 breakdowns:

RILEY- FEMALE LEAD (AGE: 10-16)- YOUNG, INNOCENT.Riley is trying to recover from a head injury after accidentally falling off the roof of her house. She’s a kindhearted girl, always trying to look for the good in people. She’s extremely willing to let people into her life and cares about her family and friends. She loves arts and crafts and is extremely artistic. Things start to change for her when she starts to recollect her thoughts on what actually happened that night.

BRIAN- MALE LEAD (AGE: 28-40)- OLDER, BUILT. Brian is a single father of Riley. He’s a recovering alcoholic attempting to get his life back on track. Trying to take care of Riley to the best of his ability: Brian is convinced that he can change his life around while disguising all the lies he’s been telling Riley and everyone about what really happened the night she fell off the roof.

EVE- SUPPORTING (18-35) ATTRACTIVE, SASSY. Eve is the girlfriend to Brian. She’s also a very mischievous character. She’s not family oriented and doesn’t take any initiative to try. Aware of the incident of what really happened to Riley she tries to cover it up with Brian. As selfish as she is, she can only contain the lie for so long until Riley starts to figure out certain things.

DR. MARTHA ORLANDER- SUPPORTING (38-60) OLDER, CARING. Dr.Orlander has cared for Riley throughout her recovery at the hospital. She’s very eager that Riley gets the best treatment. When it comes to her attention that the reason Riley fell off the roof was because of her father, she must take action to ensure the safety of the little girl.

SOCIAL WORKER MAN (30-60 ) He is trying to ensure the safety of Riley.

SOCIAL WORKER WOMEN (30-60) She is trying to ensure the safety of Riley

Background performers:

3 extras for the park scene

PARENT 1 (20-40)

PARENT 2 (20-40)

LITTLE GIRL 1 (10-16)

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to email Phil Packham at, riley_sheridanproductions@outlook.com, I will get back to you at the earliest convenience.