" Feeding Fire "

Employer: Sheridan Productions

Type: Short Film

Location: GTA/Hamilton

Duration: 4 days, starts Mid November 2014

Apply to: Mario Cacioppo: Please send headshots and resumes to: Email - mario@burntakeproductions.ca

Payment is on an unpaid basis.

Director: Mario Cacioppo.


A young man living in Gaza, involved in a violent extremist gang, must choose between doing terrible things for his motherís medication or freeing himself from their grasp.

This is a major production with a very important lesson. The story is very real and very important to us. This will be shot mid November, over the course of 4 days. Locations will be mainly indoors, built sets.

NOTE: If you can speak Arabic, this is a huge bonus. Arabic accents will also be used. Also, this is a student production. There will be no pay, only compensation for gas and other things needed.


HALIM: Male / 18-24 yrs. / Middle Eastern. Halim is a 17-year-old boy living in The Gaza Strip, located within Israel. When Halim was young, soldiers killed his father. A man named Malek took Halim under his wing and began manipulating and brainwashing him into hating all Jews. Halimís mother, Yara, became very ill when he was 16. Malek promised to help with her medication, supplying Halim with the proper supplies, as long as Halim keeps loyal. Now 17, Halim although thankful for the medication, realizes Malek is leading him down a path of death and destruction, and must find a way for him and his mother to be safe.

YARA: Female / 41-50 yrs. / Middle Eastern. Yara is Halim's mother. Yara lost her husband in the early years of Halimís life. She has recently become very ill, and relies on Halim to take care of her. She worries about her son; she doesn't want him to become hateful like his father. She finds out what Halim is doing for Malek and tells him he must leave Gaza. Yara is the voice of reason and love in this story, and she plays a big part in Halimís life, and ultimate decision. (This part can be older as well)

MALEK: Male / 31-40 yrs. / Middle Eastern. Malek is a tyrant. He runs an extremist gang in Gaza, causing all sorts of problems for the Israeli soldiers that patrol. He has connections that most other don't, and with these connections he is able to get things in and out of Gaza. He has used this to control most of his people, making them do terrible things in return for goods that Halim smuggles into Gaza. He has a deep hatred for Jews, but his hatred gets the better of him, and most often than not, his people are the ones who suffer for it. Malek see's Halim as a young version of himself, and will do everything in his power to keep him in line.

ABAAS: Male / 25-30 yrs. / Middle Eastern. Abaas is one of Malek's right hands. Although very peaceful by nature, he does most anything for Malek, no matter how sickening the task may be. Abaas is in Malek's debt. Malek supplies him with things he needs to support his family. Without Malek's supplies, Abaas and his family would suffer greatly. This becomes a problem for Abaas when one day his dignity and his honour is tested. Will he stay loyal to Malek, or will he stand up for what's right?

SAMIR: Male / 25-30 yrs. / Middle Eastern. Samir is another one of Malek's followers. Unlike Abaas, Samir was raised on hatred. He will not hesitate when it comes to one of Malekís tasks. But, unlike Malek, Samir has standards. Samir believes in not harming women and children. He has some restraint when it comes to that. Samir will also have to choose between doing the right thing, and not disappointing Malek.

ISRAELI MILITANT: Any Gender / 25-30 yrs. / Mediterranean. An Israeli militant. Strict, determined and empowered. Will do anything for their nation.