" Room 117 "

Production: " Room 117 " (Short Film)

Location: Oakville/Burlington

Employer: Sheridan Productions

Duration: 2 days (with possible 3rd), starts March 22nd, 2014

Director: Mario C. Cacioppo.


Thomas Wade, a man employed by criminals to clean up their messes and dispose of dead bodies, arrives at a motel to do just that. Finding two dead bodies sprawled out on the floor, he calmly takes out his supplies and begins working on them. Suddenly, a cough is heard from the bathroom. Thomas goes to check it out, only to find a man still breathing. Thomas is now caught in a struggle between choosing to do the right thing, and sticking to a code he's been living by all his life: never care for the victims. Never leave until the job is done.

Filming will take place on the weekend of March 22nd. Both the Saturday and Sunday. We may also need a third pick-up day the following weekend (29th) or we would have it on the 25th (Tuesday).

The motel is in Burlington, and the bathroom is a built set on the Oakville Sheridan Campus.

Apply to: Mario C. Cacioppo ( mario@burntakeproductions.ca ) Please send headshot and resume. If you have a demo reel or online link to one, that would be helpful

2 breakdowns:

1. THOMAS WADE: Male / 41-50 yrs. / Caucasian. Cut off from the world, he deals with the dead so that he doesn't have to interact with the living. In this story, he is put to the test when one of the bodies he's paid to dispose of is still alive. Deep down Thomas isn't a bad person, he's just had a bad life, and likes to keep to himself and his work.

2. JAMES DaCOSTA: Male / 25-30 yrs. / Caucasian. A regular hard worker, James loves his wife and helps out a friend when in need. Desperate for money to support his wife, James decides to help out some friends for an extra buck. In this story, the aftermath of James helping his friends has gotten him shot in the chest, and bleeding out in a motel bathroom. Can James convince the mysterious man who enters the motel to help him?