" Pure Euphoria "

Production: " Pure Euphoria " (Short Film)

Location: Toronto

Employer: Sheridan Productions

Duration: 3 days, starts March 21st 2014

Director: Blake Hannahson


In the middle of a serious heroin drought, Max and his younger brother, Dwight, are going through serious withdrawal symptoms. In his search for drugs, Max finds an underground fighting league where junkies fight for money and dope.

Shooting dates: 3 days of shooting in Toronto, Ontario. March 21st, 22nd ,23rd 2014 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Apply to: Alastair Sinclair. ( Sinclair.893@gmail.com ) Please submit headshot and resume.

7 breakdowns:

MAX - MALE LEAD (Age: 20 - 30) - Skinny. Imperfect. Max looks like he's been through a lot in his life. Max is a heroin user who has been living on the street for a few years with his brother.

DWIGHT - MALE LEAD (Age: 18 - 26) - Innocent. Skinnier, smaller version of his brother, Max. Dwight has been following Max for his entire life, and is also a heroin user.

JOEY - FEMALE LEAD (Age: 20 - 30) - Small and skinny with dark eyes. Joey has been a close friend of Max and Dwight and is also a heroin user.

PRIEST - SUPPORT (Age: 60's) - Old and white. Has been working in the church for his entire life, but is intrigued when he hears Max's story. The man speaks with a soothing voice.

RUSSIAN BUSINESSMAN 1 - SUPPORT (Age: 30 - 45) - Muscular. Russian. Always looking to make money.

RUSSIAN BUSINESSMAN 2 - SUPPORT (Age: 30 - 45) - Muscular. Russian. The business partner of the first business man, same mindset.

OLD GUY WITH SIGN - SUPPORT (Age: 50 - 60) - Older man, Smaller. Voice of a carnival guy