" The Higher Source "

Production: The Higher Source. A York University student thesis project

Location: Toronto


Duration: March 14th 2014 ongoing.

Director: Zain Burgess


Loosely, the work is about a group of people that are picking up transmissions of a specific location from schizophrenic delusions. The protagonist travels to an abandoned mansion, in a semi desolate location in a community to find find others that have received this message. It's about a UFO cult.

The intention is to make a work that explores the friction between technology, nature and the body. I am very aesthetically driven - the work will be far from regular projects.

Apply to: Zain Burgess ( zainburgess@gmail.com ) with resumes and headshots.

2 breakdowns:

1. BIANCA: Female / 18-30. / Any Ethnicity. Main supporting role, working in a supermarket with Alexa, the lead.

2. DIAMOND: Male / 18-30 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. Diamond is an awkward boy longing to be with Alexa.

If you have any questions please contact Zain Burgess at the email above.