" Shashilla "

Production: " Shashilla " (Short Film)

Genre: Comedy

Location: Toronto

Employer: Humber College

Duration: 2 Ĺ Days, starts Saturday February 22nd, 2014

Director: Joshua Jackon.

Information: We are second year Humber College students casting for our short film - studio drama. It is a 6 - 8 minute comedy that will be shot Saturday February 22nd to Monday February 24th 2014.

AUDITIONS: Date: Sunday January 26th, 2014: Time: 1:30pm - 5:30pm

Location: Fraser Studios, 76 Stafford Street, Toronto


Shashilla, a spiritual Guru and healer has made a new home for herself in a house that belongs to David and Joanne, who have been gone on vacation for some time. Shashilla is immediately met with offense by David and asked to leave before the police get involved. Out of desperation Shashilla claims that Joanne is pregnant, using her spiritual intuition, and tries everything in her power to turn the table in her favor against Davidís wishes. Eventually David gets the better of her, using her own superstitions against her to chase her out of their house.

Applications to this casting call require: Resume and Headshot:

ACTRA or non-union actors accepted.

Apply to: Rena Semper. Email: ( renasemper.casting@gmail.com )

3 breakdowns:

1. DAVID. Male / 28 - 45 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. David is a businessman, probably private sector. Makes a living selling insurance plans to corporate businessmen. He is busy and searches for excitement out of life from the boring everyday. David is pragmatic and thinks logically about things. He is stubborn and has a sense of purpose. He treats his belongings with care and believes there is a place for everything and everything should be in its place. He married Joanne because he thinks she is beautiful and outgoing and will give him the excitement he needs in his life. He often gets frustrated with the cavalier look at life mostly because he wishes he could be that way.

2. JOANNE. Female / 26 - 35 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. Joanne is charismatic and enjoys art. She is an art consultant, trophy wife or interior designer. She travels a lot and met David on one of his business trips. She is organized and punctual and enjoys the company of others. She can come across dim witted and is often gullible. Her humble and dainty demeanor is often seen as weakness and preyed upon by others.

3. SHASHILLA. Female / 30 - 55 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. Shashilla is a self-proclaimed psychic, healer and guru of the spiritual arts. She is a traveler, and is an expert at reading energy of people. She is very down to earth and is highly intelligent. She has a silver tongue and uses her verbal prowess to get the best of people.