" 87 "

Production: " 87 " (Short Film)

Location: Oakville / Hamilton

Employer: Sheridan College

Duration: 2 Days, starts Saturday February 1st, 2014

Payment is on a lo/no/deferred basis.

Director: Josh White. We are second year Sheridan College students casting for our short film inspired by 'The Hockey Sweater'. It is a 6 minute dramatic piece that will be shot over the February 1st and 2nd weekend.

Our story follows Jesse, a teenager with a deep passion for hockey, whose favorite jersey is ripped while playing pickup with his friends. He attempts to replace the Crosby jersey but has no luck due to the 2010 Olympics that are being held at the time. Together Jesse and his best friend Landon attempt to find another way to obtain the jersey before the big gold medal game.

Apply to: Sarah R Thomson: Email: ( sarah-r-thomson@hotmail.com )

3 breakdowns:

1. JESSE. Male / 15-17 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. Jesse is a young teen in love with hockey. He models himself after the beloved hockey player, Sidney Crosby, and dreams of one day becoming an NHL player himself. He is outgoing, strong headed and sometimes mischievous. Core Traits: Outgoing, Ambitious, Slightly Mischievous, strong headed, passionate. Jesse, although having the appearance of confidence on the outside, has his identity shaken when he loses his sweater. He comes to realize that although it's the sweater he wants, what he really needs is the reassurance that he is equal to his peers. *must be able to skate*

2. LANDON. Male / 15-17 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. Landon is Jesseís best friend and fellow lover of all things hockey. Landon encourages Jesseís mischievous behavior which gets them into trouble. Core Traits: Mischievous, confident, up-front, cocky, rebellious. Sub-text, encourages Jesse to take Carolís credit card to buy the jersey so that he wonít be the only loser on the ice without one. *must be able to skate*

3. CAROL. Female / 41-50 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. Carol is the loving, single mother of Jesse. She works long hours as a nurse but still makes time for her son. She keeps a positive attitude for Jesse even though times have been tough. Core Traits: Optimistic, supportive, straight forward, lay it on the line type. Sub-text, Carol is stern when her son steals her credit card and must punish him although she understands why he did it.