" TIME "

Production: TIME (Short Film)

Location: Toronto

Employer: Legacy Productions

Duration: 1 day shoot, starts November 30/13: (ACTRA artist contracts).

AUDITIONS: Nov 22nd 2013, 2pm onwards, 350 Queen's Quay, Toronto. We will be in a conference room, will give the buzzer code when auditions are booked, and when we have the code.

This is an ACTRA Co-op Production. Payment is on a lo/no/deferred basis.

Director: Allen Legacy.


The project is titled "TIME" . David arrives to visit his estranged father, who has been trying to contact him recently, but David has refused to see him. David finally decides to visit his father, only to discover his father, Joe, is bed ridden, and dying, probably from Cancer. After a heated discussion with Rose, Joe's second wife, David sees his father, and quickly realizes he has been a fool. His father is dying and David has given his father no TIME, and not allowed a relationship to be rectified, to reconcile their differences, and now it may be too late. David has run out of TIME.

Apply to: Allen Legacy. Email ( adlegacy@sympatico.ca ) Phone: 416-573-0519

Character Breakdown:

1. JOE: Male / 50+ yrs. / Latin American. Joe- Latino background, 50+, blue collar worker. Joe is elderly, dying, (probably from cancer), and is looking for forgiveness from his son, from whom he has been estranged for 21 years. The character is bed-ridden, in palliative care, and the character will be performed completely while in bed. Joe is dying, and in his last moments of life, he has difficulty speaking, and and wants to communicate with his son (David), but is unable, but does the best he can to speak while sedated with pain killers. Please put TIME in the subject line when email.