" Dinner For Two "

Production: "Dinner for Two" (Working Title). Short Film (ACTRA co-op)

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Employer: Wedgaf Productions.

SHOOT DATES: Late November / Early December (Weekend Only - 2 day shoot - Date TBD)

Status: ACTRA co-op. Only full ACTRA Member, ACTRA Apprentices and ACTRA Extra cardholders may apply.

Intentions: To complete a great short film of high quality and submit to numerous festivals.

Director: Maurice Kokonya

Writer: Maurice Kokonya

AUDITION DATES: 1st Week of November, date TBD

Audition Location: 901 Yonge Street, Afro Latino Dance Studio.

Rate: Non-paying ACTRA co-op project. Actors will receive copy of project for their personal demo reels upon completion. Professional make-up and hair will be provided on the day as needed, as well as craft.


Dinner for Two is a dark thriller involving the relationship of two primary characters, Derek 25, and Martha 79. Derek, down and out decides to break into a house one night. He chose the wrong house to do so! He chose Martha's house.

Apply to: Denny L, Casting Director. Email - ( wedgafproductions@gmail.com )

Character Breakdown:

1. (Lead) Martha (Caucasian) - Age: Late 70's. Actress must be able to play an emotional, and tough women in her late 70's. Martha has the bulk of dialogue in this short. She's strong, she is loving, she may appear slightly 'off' to some, depending on who you ask.