" Never Better"

Production: "Never Better" (Short Film)

Location: Toronto

Employer: Toronto Film School

Duration: 2 days Shoot, November 15th - 17th 2013

Producer: Jenny Tosetto

AUDITIONS: Tuesday October 22nd and Thursday October 24th

Audition Location: Fraser Studios, 76 Stafford Street, Unit 101, Toronto

Director: Samantha Nemeth

Shooting : November 15th-17th 2013

Rates: Travel expenses will be reimbursed. Food will be supplied on set and a copy of the finished movie (DVD) will be provided.


In the hope of easing her anxiety, Margaret moves from the country to the city to be closer to her boyfriend Peter. After making this transition, Margaret finds she isn't able to share with Peter her struggle with insecurity and depression. Even though she is aware of how much Peter cares about her, Margaret discovers only she can face the battle against herself.

Apply to: Jennifer Robbins - ( jen.robbins@hotmail.com ) . You will be allocated an audition time and location, and sides will be provided.


(Lead) MARGARET Female 22-25: Margaret is a country girl who moved to the city for her boyfriend Peter and still feels like a fish out of water. To the average person, she appears well composed but in reality she is awkward and timid. Margaret constantly battles with depression and insecurities about her appearance, her skills, and her relationship with her boyfriend Peter. She is led to face her self-degradation and depression, which manifests itself in the form of an alter ego, "Dark Margaret", to whom she is submissive and of whom she is terrified. Margaret is emotional, frustrated, doesn't know how to stop Dark Margaret from appearing and ultimately lets her push her to her limits.

(Actor) PETER Male 22-25: Peter is a happy-go-lucky man who works as a computer programmer; he enjoys playing video games and watching action films in his spare time. He loves Margaret although, since their move from the country to the city, he has begun unintentionally to take her for granted. Despite attempts to include and listen to Margaret, he has a tendency to get caught up in his own troubles. However, he often realizes his mistakes and makes small gestures to redeem himself, which keeps Margaret's slowly building insecurities at bay.

(Actor) JOSE Male 60-75: Jose is an older man that lives in the same apartment complex as Margaret. He is a European gentleman who offers relief to the more serious matters in the script.