" Fallen Leafs"

Production: "Fallen Leafs" (Short Film)

Location: Toronto

Employer: Toronto Film School

Duration: 2 days Shooting, starts November 2013

Producer: Pegar Haidarzadeh

AUDITIONS: Wednesday October 16th and Thursday October 17th in Toronto.

Audition Location: Toronto Film School, 10 Dundas Street West, Toronto

Director: Mehrtash Mohit.

Shooting : November 2013. Dates TBA

Rates: Travel expenses will be reimbursed/Payments will be managed for the parts


In this challenging and abstract story, Tom, an elementary student is being asked by his teacher to stay after class to answer some questions about his friendship with an older person.

In this unique conversation Tom reveals an interesting perspective about the relationship with his friend that results in a shocking twist about the teacherís character and the way he looks at the situation.

This film is about a subject matter in our society which many people usually choose to ignore in order to save themselves from getting disturbed or uncomfortable.

Apply to: Mehrtash Mohit. Email ( mehrtash.mohit@gmail.com ) You will be allocated an audition time and location, and sides will be provided


1. TOM. Male / 7-10 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. He is an elementary student who has a very pure and unique point of view of life that brings wonder about the whole existence of any ugliness and sadness in this world..

2. JAMES/Teacher - Male/ 30-40/ Any ethnicity. He looks like a typical elementary teacher who likes coming to his job every day. By engaging himself in a conversation with one of his students, he starts to discover some unusual facts about his own character that changes his perspective towards life forever.