" Student Run "

Project: "Student Run". (Short Film)

Producers: Meaghan Moodley and Will Robertson

Director: Jessie Kirec

Casting Director: Meaghan Moodley, Will Robertson and Jessie Kirec

Shooting Location(s): Stouffville

Script Availability: By Email

Production Office: Niagara College

Contact Info: Meaghan Moodley: Phone: 905-220-2857; Email: ( mm.moodley12@gmail.com ); Will Robertson: Phone: 519-241-5508, Email ( will.s.robertson@gmail.com )

Auditions: October 1st and 2nd 2013

Audition Location: Fraser Studios, 76 Stafford St. Toronto

Shooting Starts: One week in November. Specific week TBA

Union: Union and non-union

Rates: Reasonable travel compensated


Emma is an emotionally distraught and self-centered film student who is beyond depressed. She hates her classmates, her boyfriend is unfaithful and her family's past is catching up. When she gets snubbed the lead role in her classes over the top slasher flick, she gets a sudden change in character and decides to go out with a bang!

Submission Instructions: Email Will Robertson and Meaghan Moodley to express your interest in a role. You will then be booked for an audition time. If you would like to attach photos or a resume, please feel free to attach them to your email.


1) EMMA (female) Main Character. Aged 17-24, Caucasian and Blonde. - Financially stable. Depressed, self centered and a "pity me" attitude. He parents got rid of her brother due to health issues so she helped him kill them. Abandoned by her family and boyfriend she decides to kill the crew of a student run film.

2) THEO (male) Aged 17-25, any ethnicity. - A quiet business type who is 'Mr. Popular'. He is the producer of a student run film titled "Rabbit Run". His ego often gets in the way and always looks dressed to impress.

3) DEVIN (male) Aged 17-24, Caucasian. - Emma's unfaithful boyfriend who is the first to meet his death while sleeping with Megan. He fires Emma as lead actress and is the director of "Rabbit Run" He has a nice smile and a way of smoothing things over with his attitude.

4) MEGAN (female) Aged 17-24, long hair, and any ethnicity. - The heroine of "Rabbit Run". A very 'hot' bubbly girl who is sleeping with Devin. She is the second to die.

5) KARL (male) Aged 17-25, wears glasses, Caucasian. - Has a secret crush on Emma. He is the funny guy in the group and works camera for "Rabbit Run".

6) GUY (male) Aged 17-20, any ethnicity - An actor and the first dead in "Rabbit Run". He is one of two to survive.

7) RUSS (male) Aged 17-24, Caucasian - Doesn't say anything. He records sound for "Rabbit Run". He is shorter, always wears a hat, jeans and a hoody. He is one of two to survive.

8) BRUCE (female) Aged 17-20, any ethnicity. - Megan's right hand girl, she plays the killer in "Rabbit Run". Wears pretty sun dresses and follows Megan like a lap dog.

9) THE BROTHER (male) Aged 20-30, brown short hair, Caucasian - Screwed up and abandoned he shows up at the end of the story to finish what his family started.