" The Mutant of Guilder College "

Project: The Mutant of Guilder College (10 minute short film)

Producer: Nicholas Van Dyk

Director: Rob Duckworth

Shooting Location(s): Welland

Contact Info: ( Nicholas.vandyk@hotmail.com )

Auditions: Toronto- Tuesday Oct 1st and Wednesday Oct 2nd 2013

Audition Location: Fraser Studios, 76 Stafford St. Toronto

Shooting Starts: November 2013

Shooting Finishes: November 2013

Rates: Travel expenses will be reimbursed


A messed-up college student named Terry is making up for an unwritten exam; after the exam is written and marked Terry has fallen asleep, and is left in the room overnight. During the night two test tubes fall over and break causing a reaction and smoke that changes Terry into a Mutant overnight. Terry then roams the school the next day attacking people and breaking stuff. A few students (Jason, Cindy, George) and a janitor (Fred) get stuck in the school and it is up to them to save the College.

Submission Instructions: Email me at ( Nicholas.vandyk@hotmail.com ) and I will give you a time and a place for your audition


JASON- Male/18-24/Any ethnicity. A metal-head rocker, wears eyeliner and dark clothing. He is quiet and finds it hard to fit-in, deep down he is a really good person, but he rarely gets to show it.

TERRY/MUTANT - Male/18-24/Any ethnicity. A real big screw-up, he is barely getting by in college and has some of the worst luck of anyone. He looks messy, talks quick, and is always shifting around. In the movie he is unknowingly changed into a Mutant and goes crazy in the college.

CINDY- Female/18-24/Any ethnicity. An attractive girl. She is very stuck up and always wants to be the center of attention. She dresses skimpy, wears a lot of make-up, and is very popular. She is a big partier and has a new boyfriend every few months. She always expects more because she came from a rich family and always had it good.

MR. SKAPARE - Male/30+/Any ethnicity. A chemistry teacher. He is a very smart man, but working as a chemistry teacher he doesn't get to show off his true talents to the fullest, therefore he is usually upset. Secretly creating a formula to start a race of super-humans to better the world.

FRED - Male/30+/Any ethnicity. An un-kempt college janitor. He is deaf and not all there, he has been a janitor for too long and hates his job. Always means well though.

GEORGE- Male/18-24/Any ethnicity. A Guido, wears a headband, wife beater, and a gold chain, he thinks he's the 'Situation' and really cares about himself. He is well built which makes him think he can do whatever he wants.

COLLEGE DEAN- Either gender/30+/Any ethnicity. A very professional Dean. Is very well turned out and proud of his/her job.

STUDENT 1 - Either gender/18-25/Any ethnicity. Typical college student.