" The Joke That Kills "

Project: "The Joke That Kills" (15 minute film)

Producer: Brittani Hagelstein

Director: Mitchell Gall

Executive Producer: Andrew Stevenson

Shooting Location(s): Niagara College Auditorium, Niagara College Hallway, Mitchís house, Guidance counselorís office.

Script Availability: Hard Copy (to be picked up)

Production Office: Niagara College

Contact Info: Email: ( bhagelstein@hotmail.ca ) / website: www.mbgmovies.weebly.com

Auditions: Toronto- Tuesday Oct 1st and Wednesday Oct 2nd 2013

Audition Location: Fraser Studios, 76 Stafford St. Toronto

Shooting: 5 days in November 2013

Shooting Finishes: end of November


"The Joke that Kills" is a Dark Comedy about a high school student "Jay" who is an amateur stand-up comedian who stands up in front of his whole student body at his schoolís annual talent show. His joke is about the dark tragedies of getting bullied at home and at school. A horrific twist happens later on in the film that changes "Jay" for the rest of his life.

Submission Instructions: Send your portfolio/Demo Reel or any other pieces of work you were in. Send all entries to Email: bhagelstein@hotmail.ca / website: www.mbgmovies.weebly.com


JAY (Main) - Gender: Male (Caucasian) Age: 18-25 He is a narcissist, anarchist, psychotic, bi-polar teenager. He is an amateur stand up comedian. He auditions and makes it into his school talent show. His own father as well as the jocks at school physically abuse him. He thinks his jokes are hilarious, but no one ever gives him the attention he believes he deserves.

JEANINE (Main) - Gender: Female (Caucasian) Age: 18-25 Friends with the jocks (Ace, King, Jack). Has a great sense of humor. She is sympathetic for the weak. Lusts up to passion. She has been around the block and notices Jay when he tries to stand up for himself.

FATHER (Main) - Gender: Male (Caucasian) Age: 45-65 He is an alcoholic, who abuses Jay and his mother when he gets out of control. Tendency to slur his words. Have uncontrollable language. Poor sense of humor.

MOTHER (Supporting) - Gender: Female (Caucasian) Age: 45-65 Quiet and scared of Jayís father. Loves her family, it means the world to her. Gets abused by Jayís father after uncontrollable nights of drinking.

DR. CRANE (Main) Gender: Male (Caucasian) Age: 30-45 Cynical guidance counselor who tries too hard to open up Jay. Observant and uses psychological tactics to exploit the weaknesses and to finding the hearts of people but canít find one in Jay

ACE, KING, JACK (Supporting) Gender: Males (Anything) Age: 18-35 Three moronic intimidating jocks from the Football Team. Finish each otherís sentences. Flashy, confident, Meatheads.