" Collision "

Project: "Collision" (Short Film)

Producer: Madison Garratt

Director: Brent Gooden

Shooting Location(s): Niagara

Script Availability: Available on day of audition

Contact Info: Email: ( madison.n.garratt@gmail.com ) - Phone: 289-668-6730

Auditions: Toronto- Tuesday Oct 1st and Wednesday Oct 2nd 2013

Audition Location: Fraser Studios, 76 Stafford St. Toronto

Shooting Starts: November (day TBA)

Shooting Finishes: TBA

Union: Union and non-union

Rates: Travel expenses will be reimbursed


Mary is in a state of grief after losing her husband, Daniel. On a night out with her friends, she meets a man named Matt. When Mary and Matt get involved in a car accident outside of the bar, Mary will have to deal with her past.

Submission Instructions: If interested in an audition, you may email Madison Garratt letting her know what positions you would like to audition for.


MARY (Lead) - Gender: Female. Age: 20-30 Mary, in the past, was a beautiful, optimistic young woman. Now, she is distant, unfocused, lonely and disturbed. Only when pressured by certain situations, she gets out of her shell.

MATT (Lead) - Gender: Male. Age: 20-30 Matt, an alcoholic and cop, is a funny and charming young man. However, his drunken actions, at times, are careless and reckless. In his past, it's shown he was a man of righteousness and stability. Somewhere beneath, Matt continues to battle his grief.

DANIEL (Supporting) - Gender: Male. Age: 20-30 Daniel, Mary's husband, will appear as a dreamboat, that one in a million type of guy. He's sparky, funny and flirtatious. He appears in his wife's thoughts, the little light when things in her world go dark.

SARAH (Supporting) - Gender: Female. Age: 20-30 Mary's best friend is a beautiful young woman who looks to have many fun moments in her life. Sarah is outgoing, radical and a risk-taker. She is supportive of Mary but she tries not to let her best friend's grief get to her too much. Sarah believes going out to have fun relieves all stress and pain.

BARTENDER (Supporting) - Gender: Male. Age: 25-35 A casual bartender who tries to get by on his shift, despite the positive or negative actions of his customers.