" Heartistry "

Production: "Heartistry" A short film for a Humber College.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Employer: Humber College

SHOOT DATES: November 2013 (Dates TBA)

Status: Humber College has a production agreement with ACTRA. Please submit both Union and Non- Union performers.

Intentions: This short film will be screened at Humber College, and will be submitted to numerous film festivals.

Director: Mark Pettit

Writer: Chris Wilker

Audition Dates: September 30, October 1st 2013

Audition Location: TBA

Rate: We can accept union and non-union actors through our student agreement with ACTRA. This is a non-paying student film and no permit is required. Actors will receive a copy of the finished film for their demo reel. Meal and beverages will be provided on the shoot days. If transportation is required we can arrange for a ride for the actor during filming.

Synopsis: A humble painter learns all to quickly, the pitfalls of fame.

Apply to: John "Waven" Thompson, Casting Director, (647)-993-0740. Email (preferred) ( heartistrycasting@gmail.com )

Character Breakdowns:

JOSH BEETLE - (Age:26-36): Works as a clerk at a local paint supplies store. Likes to travel, and enjoys painting as a hobby. Main Protagonist.

TONY MILES - (Age: 24- 34): Tony is a city slicker with lots of connections and a taste for the high life. He is convincing and ambitious, which has resulted in his very comfortable lifestyle.

FRANK JONES - (Age: 36- 50): Frank is a businessman who is always looking for ways to make quick money on the newest spectacle. He is extremely well connected on an international level.

JOANNE "Miss Marble" SIMMONS - (Age: 36- 55): After receiving a large inheritance from a distant great uncle she didnít know, Miss Marble turned herself into a fashion icon and art enthusiast, staying privy to all the hottest trends and looks.

STANLEY PRICE - (Age: 36- 60): A very reputable art collector, Stanley knows how to make a nobody into a somebody in no time flat.

STEVE HARRET - (Age: 23- 36): Steve is an ambitious photographer for a web-based news column. He yearns to get that perfect picture to help sky rocket his career.