" The Fallen One "

Production Title: "The Fallen One" (Short Film)

Location: Dundas Square

Employer: Toronto Film School

Duration: 3 Days, early October 2013

Audition: Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Audition Location: Toronto Film School. We are located in the AMC theatre building. Use the elevators in front of the Starbucks up to the 7th floor.

Audition Times: Scheduled times between the hours of 2pm and 6pm.

Director: Nicholas Cunningham


This is a science fiction-fantasy film filled with twists that keep the audience wondering where this dark journey leads. The female line in Graceís family are immortal, all except for one, due to an affliction caused by black magic. Her own daughter refused the sacrifice, which was needed to cure her mother. The curse is now out of the Grandmotherís reach until her granddaughter reaches a certain age. The Grandmotherís quest for the cure now fuels the family with misfortunes making Grace the Grandmotherís quest to immortality.

Apply to: Nicky at ( thefallenonecasting@gmail.com )

7 Breakdowns:

YOUNG GRACE. Female/ 6-10 yrs. / Caucasian Grace is innocent, shy, trusting and curious. She doesn't like to be left alone which is why she is always seeking her family. *Blonde hair is an asset*

OLDER GRACE: Female /18-25 yrs./ Caucasian The older Grace is innocent, shy, trusting, and curious and doesn't like to be alone. She has drive to find her family. *Blonde hair is an asset*

GRANDMOTHER: Female/30-40 yrs. /Caucasian Grace's grandmother is cunning, manipulative, determined, classy, and ruthless. *Red or blonde hair is an asset*

MOTHER : Female/ 25-30 yrs. /Caucasian Grace's mother is determined, brave, protective, and independent. *Blonde hair is an asset*

FATHER : Male/ 30-40 yrs. /Caucasian Grace's father is understanding, determined, brave, protective and independent.

THOMAS: Male/ 14-17 yrs. /Caucasian Thomas is Grace's older brother. He is insecure, not trusting and curious.

CARETAKER: Male/ 25-30 yrs. /Caucasian Also known as the butler, the caretaker narrates the story. He is protective, loyal, curious, brave, honest, hardworking and has a strong voice.