" The Bear Man "

Production: "The Bear Man" A short film for a Humber College.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Employer: Humber College

SHOOT DATES: October 2013 (Dates TBA)

Status: Humber College has a production agreement with ACTRA. Please submit both Union and Non- Union performers.

Intentions: This short film will be screened at Humber College, and will be submitted to numerous film festivals.

Director: Josh Bulger

Writer: Josh Bulger

Audition Dates: TBA

Audition Location: TBA

Rate: We can accept union and non-union actors through our student agreement with ACTRA. This is a non-paying student film and no permit is required. Actors will receive a copy of the finished film for their demo reel. Meal and beverages will be provided on the shoot days. If transportation is required we can arrange for a ride for the actor during filming.


After a harsh break up with his girlfriend, Dan decides that his remaining days would best be served in the woods, as a Bear.

Apply to: John "Waven" Thompson, Casting Director, (647)-993-0740. Email ( bearmancasting@gmail.com )

Character Breakdowns:

DAN: (Male: Age 20 - 30) The "Bear Man", Dan was given anything he wanted as a kid, never had to work for what he wanted, which had him grow up to be a naive man child. Thus when his girlfriend Cindy, the only person who really understood Dan dumps him, he becomes an emotional wreck. Dan's manic behaviour, as well as his emotional fragility, makes for an occasionally volatile human being. He feels things too hard and isn't good at just shrugging off the punches life throws his way, so by the time Cindy leaves him, he's left emotionally punch drunk.

KYLE: (Male: Age 20 - 30) Kyle is grudgingly Dan's best friend. Kyle likes to approach most situations with the attitude that when other people are messing up it's his job to clean it up. Kyle is the oldest of three and never really gotten over his lost childhood having had to help raise his younger siblings.