" Green Persimmon "

Production: "Green Persimmon" (Short Film)

Location: GTA

Employer: Denile Productions

Duration: 3 days, starts August 23,24 and 26

Director: Soroush Hosseini.

Julie (in her early 30's) comes back to her childhood home to reconcile with her mother after years of being away. Julie's mother learns about Julie's divorce and tries to guide her daughter. Subsequently Julie comes across news from her mother's doctor and learns that her mother's cancer has come back and this time it's fatal. Julie has never been aware of her cancer, so she does not bring it up in order to rejoice the last days of her reunion with her mother.

AUDITIONS: To be held Wednesday August 7th 2013.

Location 1: 55 Dundas E, Toronto, ON M5B 1C7- Go out of the AMC building and turn left all the way down until you see a building called: HAKIM. Cross the street and go inside and take the elevator to the 4th floor. It will be room 405

Location 2: Monday 5:30pm-9:00pm: Audition location: 1835 young street on the 2nd floor, South of Davisville subway station.

Please remember to bring in your resume and head shot to the audition.

Please let me know what time slot you can make.

Apply to: Nick: Email - denileproductions@gmail.com

2 Breakdowns:

1. JULIE: Female / 31-40 yrs. / Caucasian. Language: English and French: Julie is in her early 30's. Innocent and naive. She feels guilty for the decisions that she's made in her life. Julie has never liked her mom ever since she was a kid. Personality: Stubborn, cold to her mom, emotional and easy to break down. Julie has the intention of amending her relationship with her mother. When Julie learns about her mother's sickness and realizes that she is going to lose her mother, she acts as if she is not aware of it so she can rejoice the last days of being with her mom. (Looking for French and non French background)

2. MOTHER: Female / 41-50 yrs. / Caucasian. Mother 40's-60's Language: English and French: Loving,caring and a strong mother figure. She is on the verge of death but she still tries to guide her daughter to find the path of her life even though she knows she is going to die any day soon. When she finds out about her daughter's divorce she attempts to connect with her daughter. (Looking for French and non French background)