" Promise "

Production: Sheridan College - "Promise" (Short Film)

Location: Burlington, Ontario

Employer: Sheridan College

Duration: 1 day, starts March 2nd 2013

AUDITIONS: The audition date is Saturday February 23, 2013 at The Second City Training Center, 70 Peter Street, Lower Level Toronto, ON M5V 2G5. Please send an email for the time slot availability. If unable to attend audition, we will accept Skype/Online auditions.

Director: Angel Navarro.


"Promise" A 2 Minute Drama about a lonely 8-year-old boy who phones and lies to his workaholic father just so he can get him to come home and play.

Apply to: Angel Navarro ( my.castin@gmail.com )

2 breakdowns:

1. ANDY - Lead actor. Male / 6-10 yrs. / Caucasian. A boy whose goal is to spend some time with his father. He is silly, young and immature. After finding out that his father chooses work over him, he starts to ponder a solution to his problem. He tries to achieve his goal by lying to his father.

2. ANDY's DAD - Male / 31-40 yrs. / Caucasian. A man whose first priority is work. Even though he is a workaholic father, he is still not the heartless kind. He loves Andy but proving and expressing his feelings is questionable.