" The Visible Note "

Production: The Visible Note (Short Film)

Location: Toronto

Employer: Seneca York

Duration: 3 week ends, starting Feb 23

Director: Kimi Chen

AUDITIONS: Friday Feb 22, 2013


Seneca York, 70 The Pond Rd, Toronto, ON M3J 3M6

SHOOT DATES: Feb 23 - Mar 10, 2013


A young girl who is a deaf/mute saw a street violinist, who was also a deaf/mute, perform. She fell in love with the violin and saw hope in learning the violin herself, just like the old street artist. After a few years, she enters a music school and is preparing for a school music contest, but is bullied and laughed at by another contestant who is her classmate. This contestant tells her she's different and abnormal, she would be dreaming if she entered the contest. The young girl is very heart broken, and she goes to see the old street artist again. With the street artist's encouragement she stands courageously on stage in front of the judges and audience, and blows everyone away with the soul of her music.

Apply to: Grace C Lin via email: ( gracechinglin@gmail.com )

2 breakdowns:

1. The Street Artist. Male / 40-55 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. The street artist is the mentor of the young deaf/mute girl. There are 2 scenes needed for this character, no verbal scripts needed but simple sign language will be taught for the short film as well as the audition.

2. The Mean Girl. Female / 21-25 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. The mean girl is a very important supporting role in the film, she appears in a lot of scenes to emphasise the struggle of the deaf/mute girl. This role will be the only role with actual verbal script. Short script will be provided prior to audition to act out on day of.