" The Incredible Michael Malloy "

TITLE: "The Incredible Michael Malloy" - A 7 Minute Short Drama

Producer: Jessie Slezak

Director: Alex Whicher

Casting Director: Chelsea Toner

Audition Location: 562 Perth Ave. Toronto, ON. See map below

Shooting Location: 25 Augusta St., Hamilton, ON

Script Availability: Jan 24, 2013

Contact Info: Jessieh Slezak (primary contact). Telephone: 705-931-1993: Email: theincrediblemichaelmalloy@gmail.com

Auditions: Jan 26th (1pm-4pm), Jan 27th (5pm-8pm), and Jan 28th (TBA)

Shooting Starts: Feb 1, 2012

Shooting Finishes: Feb 3, 2012

Rates and Union: *ACTRA STUDENT MOVIE AGREEMENT (no fee but union and non-union performers are eligible).

LOGLINE: "Two bar owners try to collect profit on insurance fraud by killing a regular patron at their bar, but quickly find out he isn't that easy to kill."


During the height of the depression, two friends Anthony and Joe run and operate an illicit bar-room while struggling to stay afloat. Strapped for cash and with destitution looming Joe proposes a brilliant idea. Target lonely, alcoholic, and sickly patrons and help them drink themselves to death while collecting insurance money as a result. They find themselves the perfect candidate in aging drifter Michael Malloy and begin plying him with drinks. However, the pair quickly comes to realize that they may have underestimated Michael as he persistently refuses to die despite their best efforts to the contrary.


PRINCIPAL - JOE - Male, 30-50, Caucasian. Strong, confident and has stage presence. He thinks quickly on his feet and is convincing in the way he speaks. He co-owns the bar with his colleague, Anthony.

PRINCIPAL - ANTHONY - Male, 30-50. Caucasian. Nervous, unconfident in his partner's ability to get the job done. Energetic and irritable. He co-owns the bar with his colleague, Joe.

PRINCIPAL - MICHAEL MALLOY - Male, 40-60. Caucasian. Haggard, oblivious Irishman whose only goal is to get drunk. He is a regular at the bar but hasn't a care in the world.