Production: "Bystanders" A short film for a Humber College.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Employer: Humber College

SHOOT DATES: January 20th- February 2nd 2013

Status: Humber College has a production agreement with ACTRA. Please submit both Union and Non- Union performers.

Intentions: This short film will be screened at Humber College, and will be submitted to numerous film festivals.

Director: Josh Bulger

Writer: Venessa Aellen Piriz

Audition Dates: Sunday January 20th, 2013 from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Audition Location: Humber College, Room L150

Rate: We can accept union and non-union actors through our student agreement with ACTRA. This is a non-paying student film and no permit is required. Actors will receive a copy of the finished film for their demo reel. Meal and beverages will be provided on the shoot days. If transportation is required we can arrange for a ride for the actor during filming.


A story of the reaction of people that live together in an apartment as one of its tenants is murdered. 'Closing your eyes to the world won't save you from it.'

With very little dialogue, and half the cast possessing zero lines at all onscreen, the actors we'll need are people who can get their characters across through their expressions and mannerisms, their posture, and especially subtle movements.

Apply to: John "Waven" Thompson, Casting Director, (647)-993-0740. Email ( bystanderscasting@gmail.com )

Character Breakdown:

DETECTIVE REIGNS - Male / 31-40 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. Detective Reigns didn't always want to be a cop but it's a good job and good pay, so he has no complaints. He's been on the force for years and has reached the point where he accepts that most investigations go cold and that the best you can do is try to find a resolution. This isn't his life, it's his paycheque, and if he doesn't catch every murderer out there that doesn't mean he can't sleep soundly. He's lived a relatively uneventful and satisfying life up to this point, and finds it difficult to understand why it is people like Dawna who won't talk to the cops or involve themselves in what goes on around them in a place like her building.

RICK - Male / 31-40 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. Rick's life is a series of disappointments and let-downs. His hair is graying and he keeps his appearance halfheartedly groomed - $10 haircut, cheap non-tailored suits, old clothes that don't quite fit properly anymore but he can't afford to replace them or still harbours the hope that one day he'll turn things around and get in shape so why toss them out? He's overweight but not huge; there was a time where he was athletic, and it shows, but that time is long past. That's Rick in a nutshell - he looks like someone who COULD HAVE been somebody but isn't, he's the guy who peaked in high-school. Rick is a pathetic man who takes out his frustrations on those around him - he's never at fault.