IPA Referendum

John Henley, Actra Apprentice Caucus Chair
The new terms negotiated for the IPA (Independent Production Agreement) have now been settled and on July 29th, Referendum papers were sent out to all Full Members, together with 9 pages of the proposed changes.

Apprentices are so used to not being able to vote on anything that affects them that you may be surprised that on this occasion you CAN vote! However, you have to register with ACTRA before they will give you the documents and ballot paper, and this will mean your having to go to the office at 625 Church Street, Toronto.

To find out if you are eligible to vote go to this site first. If you qualify then PLEASE make the effort to register, get the papers and vote.

The negotiations affect what happens over the next 3 years (it is a 3 year rather than a 2 year agreement this time), and you should add your voice to the voting.

I, as Chair of the Apprentice Caucus, was involved in two days of gruelling negotiations fighting for improvements for background performers and the gains we made were hard won, but worthwhile. Once you have your package, let me know if there is anything you don't undestand.

While you are visiting the ACTRA offices, I would suggest that you also pick up a current copy of the IPA, which is free, so that you can compare changes, but time is not on your side.

The ballots have to be with the scrutineers by August 27th 2003, which is only 3 weeks away. You will NOT get your ballot paper unless you register with ACTRA first, so check out the site above to make sure that you can vote.

This is very important and we need to show that Apprentices care about decisions made on their behalf. Please take time to read the IPA changes, and if you have any problems with what has been negotiated, please contact me as soon as possible. My e-mail address is jhenley@actratoronto.com