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Student Films - Humber College

Map of Humber College, Etobicoke

For a link to an Internet map system, which will enable you to check roads in the surrounding area, so that you can plan your journey to the college. CLICK HERE. Use the "Back" button to return to this site.

This is a large campus and there are some free short-term parking spaces close to one of the enquiry/security booths. We have talked to the head of the School of Media Studies, Film and TV Production programme who has provided information as follows.

The third-year students will be involved with 5 films starting around October 2002, and the second-year students will start working on some short independent movies. Auditions are usually announced in "Now" magazine, which tends to be circulated in Toronto, but not too far outside.

Auditions will be held in September and it is left to the students who are shooting the movies to take over the responsibilities of arranging and conducting the auditions. Your caucus committee will be in touch with Humber College towards the end of the Summer so that we can post information about upcoming student productions and audition dates, details of actor requirements etc.

In addition to the Fall programme the second-year students will also be casting for dramas in February for shooting in March 2003.

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