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May 2002

More Background Work: Having obtained an agent who has got you some background jobs, which makes you feel wanted, you cannot sit back and hope that the world of casting beats a path to your door. It won't! You are a business and the sole product you have to sell is.....yourself.

This means that you have to be out there continually marketing yourself and looking for opportunities. They may not always produce work for you, but by keeping your face visible, people will realise that you are serious about acting and are making an effort to find work.

A useful tool is "Face to Face with Talent On-Line" . This is a section of the Actra Toronto web site where you can have your photograph posted along with details of your experience, special skills and so on. The details are up to you to post. Actra will get your picture on-line but it is up to you, as individuals, to go into "your" area and fill out the forms that will let people know more of who you are and what you can do.

Some people work with just one background agent, and if that agency really puts themselves out for you, that could work. However you may find that your agent may not work on a regular basis with certain BG casting directors, which could explain why you never get called to work on some of the series.

Don't be afraid to ask your agent if there are BG casting directors with whom they do not work (for whatever reason), and get yourself a few more agents to cover your bases. There is nothing wrong with this because you can have as many BG agents as you like, but you can, of course, have only ONE Principal Agent."

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