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November 20th 2010. Following a cross Canada vote by a small percentage of ACTRA members, the number of credits required by an ACTRA Apprentice to become a Full member has been reduced to 3, with effect from December 15th 2010. The change also means that there will no longer be a credit earned from working on an ACTRA accredited student movie.

ACTRA evidently sees more acting ability in an SOC role in a commercial compared to three days in front of a camera, with dialogue, on a student movie project. Go figure!

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Date Project Title Details Audition Dates
March 29th 2015 " Narcissistic"
More Info April 2nd - 3rd 2015
March 25th 2015 " Visitor"
More Info Shooting April 17th - 19th 2015
March 20th 2015 " ReArranged"
More Info Shooting April 10th -13th 2015
March 6th 2015 " Videre "
More Info March 9th and 12th 2015
March 4th 2015 " A Night to Remember "
More Info Shooting March 14th or 15th
March 4th 2015 " Death of the Author "
More Info March 12th and 15th 2015:
Feb 20th 2015 " Knots "
More Info Feb 23rd and 24th 2015:
Feb 3rd 2015 " The Session "
More Info **Wednesday Feb 4th 2015:
Feb 1st 2015 " Time Broker "
More Info **Thursday Feb 5th 2015:
Jan 27th 2015 " Furry "
More Info **Tuesday Feb 10th 2015:
Jan 27th 2015 " Faster Than Light "
More Info Shooting Feb 14th/15th 2015:
Jan 26th 2015 " MIA "
More Info Shooting March 8-11th 2015:
Jan 25th 2015 " Proverbs 141 "
More Info Jan 31st and Feb 1st 2015:
Nov 23rd 2014 " Jew Girl #2 "
More Info Shooting Feb 2015:
Nov 23rd 2014 " "El Blanco de Alesia""
More Info November 27th and 28th 2014:
Nov 10th 2014 "Injection"
More Info November 14th 2014:
Nov 10th 2014 "Red Carpet on Layaway"
More Info Shooting November 22nd, 23rd 2014:
Nov 10th 2014 "JOY"
More Info November 19th - 22nd 2014:
Nov 10th 2014 "Homefront"
More Info November 22nd 2014:
Nov 10th 2014 "Dear Lord "
More Info November 11th 2014:
Oct 22nd 2014 "Reel "
More Info October 23rd 2014:
Oct 22nd 2014 "Scattered Reality "
More Info Shoot starts Nov 17th 2014:
Oct 22nd 2014 "Smitty's Got The Funk "
More Info October 23rd 2014:
Oct 20th 2014 " Letters to Mom "
More Info Shoot date October 26th 2014:
Oct 15th 2014 " Edith and Vern "
More Info Shoot date October 25th 2014:
Oct 13th 2014 " Oxford "
More Info October 17th and 18th 2014:
Oct 10th 2014 " Netflix and Afterbite" spec commercials
More Info Shoot days October 31st - 3 days 2014:
Oct 8th 2014 " Here's The Plan"
More Info October 14th 2014:
Sept 28th 2014 " Go Pro/Not Far From the Tree"
More Info Shoot dates Oct 24th - 26th 2014:
Sept 12th 2014 " Riley"
More Info Shoot dates Oct 23rd - 26th 2014:
Sept 11th 2014 " Feeding Fire"
More Info Shoot dates mid November 2014:
March 17th 2014 " The Beautiful Peach"
More Info Shoot dates late March / Early April 2014:
March 11th 2014 " Charlotte"
More Info March 22nd 2014:
March 9th 2014 " Room 117 "
More Info Shooting March 22nd - 23rd 2014:
March 6th 2014 "Pure Euphoria "
More Info Shooting March 21st - 23rd 2014:
March 1st 2014 " The Higher Source "
More Info Shooting March 14th ongoing 2014:
Feb 15th 2014 " Inside The Whale"
More Info Shooting March 7th - 10th 2014: 3/4 days
Jan 26th 2014 " Blind Date"
More Info Shooting Feb 19th 2014:
3 days
Jan 26th 2014 " Chequed Out"
More Info Shooting Feb 8th - 9th 2014
Jan 26th 2014 " The Court Wizard"
More Info Shooting Feb 16th - 20th 2014
Jan 25th 2014 " Memories of The Mothman"
More Info Shooting Feb 8th and 9th 2014
Jan 21st 2014 " Sophia's"
More Info Shooting Feb 8th and 9th 2014
Jan 21st 2014 " Shashilla "
More Info Shooting Feb 22nd - 24th 2014
Jan 18th 2014 " 87 "
More Info Shooting Feb 1st and 2nd 2014
November 17th 2013 "Time"
More Info November 22nd 2013
November 10th 2013 "Water Closet"
More Info November 17th 2013
October 31st 2013 "The Dentist"
More Info November 7th and 8th 2013
October 31st 2013 "Biggie's Garage"
More Info November 7th and 8th 2013
October 30th 2013 "Warning Signs"
More Info November 7th and 8th 2013
October 30th 2013 "Race To The Show"
More Info November 2nd and 3rd 2013
October 29th 2013 "Dinner For Two"
More Info Week of Nov 1st (TBA) 2013
October 21st 2013 "Happy Endings"
More Info November 2nd and 4th 2013
October 21st 2013 "Never Better"
More Info October 22nd and 24th 2013
October 8th 2013 "Fallen Leafs"
More Info October 16th and 17th 2013
September 29th 2013 "Student Run"
More Info October 1st and 2nd 2013
September 28th 2013 "The Mutant of Guilder College"
More Info October 1st and 2nd 2013
September 28th 2013 "The Joke That Kills"
More Info October 1st and 2nd 2013
September 28th 2013 "Collision"
More Info October 1st and 2nd 2013
September 16th 2013 "Heartistry"
More Info September 30th and October 1st 2013
September 13th 2013 "Sitting Shiva"
More Info October 2013 - TBA
August 21st 2013 "The Fallen One"
More Info August 24th 2013
August 19th 2013 "Among Flowers"
More Info September 14th 2013
August 18th 2013 "The Bear Man"
More Info TBA. Shooting October 2013
August 3rd 2013 "Green Persimmon"
More Info Wednesday Aug 7th 2013
April 16th 2013 "Lincoln Impersonator"
More Info Event date May 26th 2013
March 18th 2013 "I Am Me"
More Info Shoot dates March 23rd - 24th 2013
March 15th 2013 "Falling Without You"
More Info March 21st 2013
March 7th 2013 "Way Charn!"
More Info March 12th 2013
February 20th 2013 "Promise"
More Info Feb 23rd 2013
February 18th 2013 "The Visible Note"
More Info Feb 22nd 2013
February 18th 2013 "No Bushido"
More Info Feb 19th and 21st 2013
February 17th 2013 "Yeller"
More Info Feb 20th, 21st and 26th 2013
January 24th 2013 "The Incredible Michael Malloy"
More Info Jan 26th, 27th and 28th 2013
January 21st 2013 "Reign"
More Info Shoot dates Feb 8th - 10th 2013
January 18th 2013 "Whiskey Peak"
More Info January 21st and 22nd 2013
January 16th 2013 "Bystanders"
More Info January 20th 2013
January 16th 2013 "Campers Conundrum"
More Info January 19th 2013
January 13th 2013 "Fly Swatter"
More Info January 20th 2013

Auditions: Currently, Apprentice ACTRA members can obtain Zero credits from student movies. It used to be 2 until the council meeting in October 2005, but ACTRA decided in its infinite wisdom, that only one credit would be valid. In 2010 even that lone credit was taken away. That doesn't mean that you cannot work on as many student movies as you like, but you will get no credits towards full ACTRA membership. Regrettably the Apprentices were not allowed to vote on something that affects a mere 3,200 Apprentice members.

The roles are actor (6 lines or less) or Principal actor (more than 6 lines). Each college or university has a Student Movie Agreement with ACTRA which defines which projects are "ACTRA Accredited" and are movies in which Apprentice and Full members can participate.

When posting these auditions, I first try to ascertain whether the projects are "ACTRA Accredited" . For the most part, the information I receive is accurate, but you should be aware that if you act in a non-union movie and it comes to the attention of ACTRA, there could be serious consequences.

If you are asked by any college or university or student in a film programme to "help out" by acting in one of their movies, you should make your first question "Is this project ACTRA Accredited?". If it is not, or they don't know, they can find out for sure by asking the person who is in charge of the course.

To those of you who wonder why anyone would want to work on projects that don't pay, and, in fact, cost the actor money (travel, parking etc.) I can assure you that the experience of working in front of a camera is invaluable. Additionally you get material for your "Show Reel", and you can't get that just doing background work. Just make sure that when you sign up, you ask that you be provided with a finished copy of the movie as part of the deal! It is actually one of the conditions of the Student Movie Agreement, but on more than one occasion the students have had to be prodded to provide the DVD that is due to the actor.

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