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"Adventures of a No Name Actor" by Marco Perella

Review by John Henley: As actors we always seem to have time between shots to indulge ourselves in crosswords or books. Recently a showbiz friend of mine in England who knows of my involvement in movies, sent the above titled book to me. It is one of the funniest I have read recently, and anyone who has been on movie shoots will be able to relate to the calamitous events that are described in this book.

Marco is one of those actors who keeps cropping up in movies (check out his resume on his site) but is not a "big" name, even though he has worked with many major stars. Check out his site for details of the book and an extract from his next publication. This guy tells it like it is!

Student Movies: Participation in Student Movies is a way for Apprentices to obtain a maximum of two credits towards full membership. This article tells you about what is involved and whom to contact. Comes complete with maps to guide you on your way!

Background Work: Waiting for your agent to phone is one way to get work. Network with other actors who do background work. Quite often you will hear about Go-Sees for new movies that you won't hear about from your agent. A bit like a cattle call but it does get your face in front of the casting director.

Low Budget and Co-op movies: Some people are content to do background work only, but for the enthisiasts there are other areas of the movie industry that can be explored. In this article by former ATP board member, Elizabeth McCallum you will learn about other opportunities available to you.

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